Thursday, June 12, 2014

Up, Up, and Away: Five Business Travel Essentials

If you have ever traveled for work (or in general) you know that the slightest oversight can turn a pleasant change of scenery into a complete nightmare. After booking flights, navigating confusing airports, and keeping track of business expenses; it may feel like you need an entire entourage to help you keep it together. Don’t fret! BBB has compiled a list of five things that are absolutely essential for business travel:

1. The Efficient (yet stylish) Carry On Bag
If you are only travelling for a few days, don’t waste time waiting for luggage after you land. Pack your freshly laundered clothing into a compact carry on. Your carry on should be made of durable material and come with wheels and/or a comfy bag strap.

2. The Battery Pack
There’s nothing worse than thinking ahead to place all of your reservations and important reminders on your mobile phone; only to have it lose its juice halfway through the flight. Luckily, there are tons of options available to keep you afloat of everything you've got going on. Charging cases are great for giving your cell phone the extra boost it needs. Smaller packs have USB ports and are great if you need to charge multiple electronics at once.

3. Tracking Your Expenses
Keeping track of business expenses can be very difficult when you find yourself moving from airport to cab to hotel and back again. There are some really great mobile applications available for download on most mobile devices that help you organize everything with the click of a button.

4. Gadget Organizer
This one is a must for people who are always leaving their headphones behind on the cashier counter at the coffee shop. Gadget organizers come with tons of pockets and elastic holders to help you keep up with USB chargers, cables, tablets and more!

5. In-Flight Essentials
There is no doubt that a neck pillow and eye mask are necessary for long haul flights, but there are other factors to consider when traveling. The recycled cabin air can also often result in dry skin and chapped lips. Flight 001 suggests staying hydrated with a water bottle that comes with built in filter and Jay Rob of suggests using all-natural brands to help you look your best post-flight. Too many unexpected layovers and weather delays will condition you to pack an emergency snack. It is best to consider packing non-perishables like granola bars or dried fruit that are both filling and healthy.

What are your favorite business travel essentials? Comment below.

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