Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Three Best Practices for Social Media

Social media is the most unique way for a business to engage with consumers to date. Recent statistics released by FastCompany.com reveal that the world of social media is expanding faster than anyone could have predicted. It may seem impossible to get a firm grasp on social media when two new people join LinkedIn every second and Facebook boasts over 1.15 Billion users; but rest assured it's possible! OPEN Forum- an interactive blog sponsored by American Express - compiled a list of best practices to make the more of social media. BBB picked a few to highlight here:
  • Ask conversation-starter questions: It's no secret that people love to use open communication to share their thoughts and opinions online. Use this as an opportunity expand your consumer reach by posting industry related questions on Facebook and Twitter to drive consumers to your product or service.
  • Avoid syndicated messages: sharing the same message on every social media channel results in it losing it genuine intention. If you need to communicate the same point across several different channels, think about changing the language to make it relevant for the outlet. Try using a combination of hashtags and photos for Twitter and leave more descriptive language for Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Follow the one-in-seven-rule: This rule is formed behind the idea that only one of every social media posts will work to efficiently promote your business. Take advantage of this statistic by using the other six posts to share content that is related to your product or service. Try sharing relevant articles, blog posts, etc. to help keep your network engaged.
What are some of your best practices for social media? Comment below!

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