Thursday, December 13, 2012

Does Your Small Business Text?

These days it seems like everyone is texting, surfing the Internet and playing games on their smartphone. Long gone are the days when someone actually called you on the phone. In a personal setting this might not be so bad, such as sending a quick text to your family or friends, but with this new age technology, what does this mean for your business? announced the results of it’s Small Business Mobile Survey, which indicated that 69 percent of small businesses will consider mobile marketing as key to their growth in the next five years.  Mobile marketing includes strategies like text messaging, smartphone applications, mobile web marketing and many more.

Of those mobile marketing approaches, texting is the most prominent. Open Forum explained that texting excels as a marketing tool for two important reasons:

1. Texting is instant. According to Mobile Squared, 90 percent of texts are read within three minutes of being received. That’s an astonishingly high open rate.

2. Sending texts adds a personal approach to your business. You can communicate with customers one-on-one, customize messages and provide the same great customer service. 

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