Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Encourage Charitable Giving At Your Office

December is a critical fundraising month for charities. Many businesses and organizations make year-end gifts for tax reasons, or to extend the holiday spirit.  Employees and employers who pool their efforts to support a cause, either with their time, money or in kind donations, can make a positive impact for struggling families over the holidays.

BBB Wise Giving Alliance recommends the following ways that small business owners can spread the holiday spirit around the office:

Institute a volunteer day. Giving to a charity doesn't have to mean pulling out the checkbook. Many charities also rely heavily on the gift of time from volunteers. An office wide volunteer day is a great way to get employees out of the office and working together on something they can be proud of.

Rally around one cause with an office fundraiser. Office bake sales, silent auctions and tag sales are just a few ways to raise money for a charity. If everyone gets involved, then the nickel and dimes can add up to a healthy donation to a needy organization.

Collect food or toys. Around the holidays, many charities are looking for non-perishable food donations or toys. If everyone in the office donates a can of food or a toy, those items can collectively make a huge difference for a less fortunate family's holiday season.

Offer a matching program. Small business owners can encourage employees to make donations to charities by matching their contributions. Matching programs allows individual employees to choose a cause that might be near and dear to their own heart. By matching their donations, small business owners can show they support their employees with the added benefit of a tax deduction.

Educate employees to be wise givers. Encourage employees to research their charities first with the BBB Wise Giving Alliance before they give. BBB Wise Giving Alliance evaluates more than 1,200 national-soliciting charities against 20 rigorous accountability standards.

For more advice on holiday charitable giving from the BBB Wise Giving Alliance, visit bbb.org/charity.

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