Thursday, December 20, 2012

Post a Job with BBB

Want to post a job opening? Don’t know where to look?

Now, Accredited Businesses like you can advertise job openings with BBB.  Simply log into your BBB account and select “Post Your Job Openings.” This is a FREE service offered to only Accredited Businesses.  

Your BBB hears from consumers constantly who have fallen victim to job hunter scams, and so in an effort to connect consumers who are looking for a good job, at a good company, with businesses who care about ethics and integrity, your BBB began the BBB Accredited Business Job Listings program.

Just as it is with the diversity of the BBB’s Accredited Businesses, the jobs listed through the website cover a vast array of industries. From mechanics and landscapers, to salespeople and administrative jobs. You can post jobs for all experience levels spanning across the county.

So what are you waiting for? Pass along the word to your friends, family, strangers passing by you. Post your job opening today. The BBB Job Listings are available now!

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