Thursday, May 21, 2015

What Motivates Consumers To Make A Purchase?

It's safe to say most business owner's objective is to make a sale, but to make that sale it can be helpful to understand what motivates a customer to make their purchase. Your Better Business Bureau recommends considering the following four points to improve your business and sales strategy. 
  1. How convenient is this experience for the customer? This can mean a number of different things, from parking convenience and storefront location, to website intuitiveness and delivery methods. 
  2. The customer wants the best value. Many consumers looking to make a purchase will research a product before purchasing. Their interpretation of value can be determined by price comparisons and even online reviews. Is your business's online presence scarce? Consider registering your business with an online directory, like BBB for example. 
  3. Do you give your customers individualized attention? Try to gently identify what it is your customer is looking for. Are they dissatisfied with a similar product from a competitor? Set your business apart by being attentive and helpful. 
  4. A consumer wants it to be easy. If your online ordering process is too complicated you will find that many potential customers are abandoning their cart. If a product is out of stock do you go ahead and order the product for them? Or do you encourage them to use your website or seek out another store? 

Ultimately a customer is going to make a decision based on experience. Are you creating a positive customer experience or is it forgettable? 

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