Thursday, May 14, 2015

Embrace The Negative Feedback

Negative feedback online can seem like a nightmare to small business owners. The Internet is an unregulated platform - anyone can say anything and you have no control. However, there can be a silver lining to this kind of feedback, you just need to know from which angle to approach the negativity. Here are some things you should know when addressing negative feedback online:

Whether you like it or not, people are leaving reviews of your business online. There are several review platforms and online directories that allow consumers to talk about their experience with a business. The sooner you begin to engage with consumers the sooner you'll gain some control over your business's online perception. 

Your business is not the only business receiving negative feedback. 

Stop taking it personally. Regardless of the delivery, keep an open mind. Sometimes customers can help you identify an area of your business where there is room for improvement. If you notice users are making similar complaints, you know you have some work to do. 

People are suspicious of business's that do not have negative online reviews. According to a study by Reevo, positive reviews did not tip the scales when it came to making a sale. However, there was a positive impact on sales the more reviews a business had total - regardless of the tone. 

Respond! This is your opportunity to show the consumer that you care about their experience. Not only does a thoughtful response go a long way with the disgruntled customer, it goes a long way with potential customers.

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