Thursday, April 17, 2014

Twitter is Getting a Makeover

Twitter announced last week that they are making improvements to users web profiles. There are three main features on the new profiles.

  • Best Tweets: Tweets that have a lot of favorites, retweets and replies will appear slightly larger, making it easy to find your most interesting content.
  • Pinned Tweet: This works similarly to Facebook pinning, where you can pin a Tweet to the top of your page. It's the first tweet your users will see when they land on your page.
  • Filtered Tweets: When looking at other profiles you can now choose how to view them. The options available are Tweets, Tweets with photo/video, or Tweets with replies. 
Twitter said that they will begin rolling out the new profiles in the coming weeks. As of now, only select group of individuals, such as film and TV stars, have the new profile. Twitter also said that anyone who signs up for a new account within the coming weeks will have the new layout as well.  

Check out First Lady, Michelle Obama's profile

What do you think of the new layout? 

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