Thursday, April 24, 2014

AOL Confirms Mail Service Has Been Spoofed

Do you have an AOL email address for your business? If so, check your sent messages!

AOL Mail is being spoofed and users’ AOL email accounts are apparently sending messages that contain a link in them which could lead to malware, viruses or phishing attacks, according to USA Today. It is currently unknown how widespread the issue is. AOL has assured its users that they are taking the necessary safety and security measures to resolve the issue and are working to have users’ accounts running smoothly and securely.

AOL is recommending that users check the email in their Sent folder to see if there has been mail sent unknowingly. Regardless of the findings, users should change their passwords and report any questions to the official AOL Mail Help Twitter page, which AOL has been using to respond to users’ tweets during business hours.

AOL has issued this statement in regards to the ongoing efforts they plan to take against the email spoofing.

Note: AOL, Inc. is a BBB National Partner. 

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