Thursday, March 20, 2014

Small Business Marketing: LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a key social network for the development of all businesses.

Employee Leverage
It is a great asset to have as many employees as possible connect with your company page and group. It's also important for them to list and display the proper information. By doing this, it will help your following grow organically.

Great Advocates
LinkedIn is a great venue for your employees to both promote your business and their own personal brands. By joining relevant groups and sharing content with their connections everyone can make meaningful contributions.

Having properly optimized employee pages can boost SEO and organic visibility. You should encourage your employees to optimize their pages using the following tips:

  • Include a photo
  • Link to company blog under “websites”
  • Add Twitter handle
  • Write a summary in first person highlighting your personality and skill sets
  • Add plenty of skills in the “Skills” section

In the comments, tell us how your business uses Linkedin. 

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