Saturday, April 6, 2013

Choosing a Domain Name Service

Domain names are used in URL's to identify Web pages. For example, in this URL, the domain name is  

It's important to choose a domain name that will be easy to find and navigate. These factors depend upon the registrar where the domain name is purchased. The domain name is reflected in its registrar; when the registrar provides direct and fast service, so will the purchased domain name.

Tips for Finding a Domain Name Service: 

Look at Different Registrars.  Searching domain name registrations online will provide many links to buy a domain name. Make a list of a few of the registrars and investigate them at

Check for ICANN Accreditation.  ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, gives accreditation to registrars after their applications are accepted and they sign an agreement. These registrars pay an annual fee. ICANN accreditation assures consumers that when they purchase a domain name from the accredited registrar, the domain name will officially be part of the Internet. Only purchase domain names through registrars that are ICANN accredited.

Carefully Review the Contract.  Each registrar policy is different. When registering, make sure you will be the owner of the domain name. The domain should list you as the administrative and technical contact. This allows customers to have full control over the domain name.

Check Out the Prices.  Compare costs of buying a domain name at different registrars and look at the time period the domain name is owned. Look for a registrar that is known for good customer service and is easy navigate; not just one that has the cheapest price. On occasion, a .org or .net name could be less expensive than buying the .com version. Be careful when purchasing the domain name for longer than one year. If the registrar does not provide good service or goes out of business, you do not want to be restricted or left with an unhosted domain name.  

Pay Online.  Paying with a credit card or through PayPal is the best method. Customers cannot use the domain name until payment has been received and cleared. Paying online allows customers faster access to the domain name that has been purchased.

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