Monday, April 8, 2013

Maine Secretary of State Warns Businesses of a Deceptive Mailing Scam

The Maine Secretary of State, Matthew Dunlop, is warning local businesses and nonprofit organizations of a deceptive mailing scam sent from Corporate Records Services, located in Augusta, ME.

Corporate Records Services has sent mailings to local businesses and offers to complete corporate meeting minutes for a $125 fee. Many businesses are being misled because the documents look official.

BBB encourages business owners to do some research on any solicitations they receive that ask for payment, even if the document looks official.  Do not provide business information or a payment until you have completely checked out the offer and organization.

Corporate “Filing Requirement Reminders” are available on the Maine Secretary of State Office website at:

Similarly, other states including Massachusetts, Georgia, Ohio and Indiana have issued warnings against another deceptive mailing scam from Compliance Services.

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