Friday, May 23, 2014

New Feedback Feature on Square

Last week, Square introduced Square Feedback, a new feature that asks the customer to review their experience with the business. It simply asks "How was your experience?" The feedback is sent directly to the business owner. 

This new service is available for $10 per month and they are also offering a free 30-day trial. We should also mention that business owners can leave comments on the reviews, whether they are good or bad.  

Square credit and debit card readers made a splash into the small business scene in 2010 and have rapidly gained popularity. Square is a neat mobile payment device that small business owners can plug into their smartphones or tablets. The app portion sends the customer a email receipt of their purchase. Square takes a small percentage of the transaction as a fee.

We've talked a lot about customer reviews and how important they are to businesses. They have become part of everyday life for consumers. Through online reviews, it seems that consumers aren't afraid to tell you how they really feel. In our experience, it seems that people really do want to say nice things when their interaction with a business has been positive.

Image courtesy of Square

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