Friday, May 2, 2014

Letting an Employee Go

Letting an employee go is often a difficult decision. It's not as easy as Donald Trump makes it seem on "The Apprentice." Before letting someone go, it's important to consider any and all legal implications. Situations like these are usually stressful for businesses as a whole, as well as the remaining employees.

BBB recommends these guidelines to help you make the process run smoothly for everyone involved:
  • Consider the location. Letting an employee go should never be done in a public setting. A small conference room or an office with the door closed is preferred.
  • Consider the time. Human Resources professionals agree that earlier in the day is better, instead of waiting until the end of the work day. You may also want to consider letting the employee go at the beginning of the week, rather than late Friday afternoon.
  • Tell as few people as possible. Only the employee's supervisor(s) should be told in advance.
  • Do it quickly. After you consider the options above, gather the employee and all other required personnel. As you explain, get to the point quickly. Give the employee a brief explanation of the termination. Don't forget to give the employee a chance to ask questions.
  • Try not to use, "I'm sorry." Although it's a tough situation, you shouldn't have to apologize for a business decision. 
Have you ever let an employee go? Would you add any tips to our list?

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