Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Optimizing your Image and Brand

Every time you step out of the house, you are representing yourself and your brand in everything you do. While your image might change with the new trends and styles, your core brand and ideologies should be consistent across all mediums. Your brand represents your values, it is your legacy, it is your fingerprint.

Here are a few helpful thoughts:

- Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Never under estimate the power of good hygiene.
-Strive for your best possible physical condition.
-Dress tastefully and appropriate every day. You never know who you may encounter next to you at the gas pump.
-Promptness communicates respect and dependability.
-Be present. Don't fidget, gaze off or be preoccupied with your mobile device.
-Make eye contact and maintain relaxed, positive facial expressions.
-Body language needs to communicate approachability, alertness and respect.
-Listen more than speak. Never interrupt.
-Don't simply use good manners, have them.
-Social Media: Be other-centered offering rich content and compelling status updates.
-Keep appointments. Keep your word.
-Return correspondence promptly via the same medium (texts with texts, calls with calls, etc.) and with correct grammar.

Keeping these simple thoughts in mind when you go about your daily business will allow you to present and consistent and quality image.

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