Thursday, October 17, 2013

Good Business Practices – Tips for Securing Customer Loyalty

As the saying goes in the world of marketing: “It’s more expensive to bring in new customers than it is to retain them!” Here are some tips for keeping your customers coming back for more:

Show Your Manners. Customers appreciate companies that thank them for their business, and it always helps to be courteous when you do. A personal note or small gift will also do wonders for maintain customer loyalty.

Listen! Businesses may think they listen to what their customers want, but quite often they don’t. How many times have you tried selling something because it’s a larger sale instead of what they actually need? In those instances, guess what? The customer will take their business elsewhere- to your competitor down the street.

Stay in Touch. Make it a point to contact your customers regularly by offering coupons, discounts, and other notifications (your least costly form of communication is by email). Remember, however, not to inundate your customers’ inbox's because the opposite of what you want will happen- they’ll eventually stop reading altogether everything you send them.

Train Your Staff About the Importance of Customer Service. Empower your employees with the ability to make decisions regarding customer service, particularly when management is not around. Set guidelines for what staff can and cannot do that will “wow” the customer- but also won’t break the bank.

Always Add Value. Offer extras your competitor isn't, be it additional training time, a free estimate, a discount on another purchase or a promotional item. What customer wouldn't want to come back if freebies are offered!

Following these few practices should create great relationships between you and your customers.

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