Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Effective Communication: Internal

A good leader knows that it's not what they say that makes a difference, it's how they say it. June is Effective Communication Month and since effective communication is an essential part of professional relationships, we want to offer a few tips for improving communication in the office.
1. Think before you speak. This can be applied to various scenarios, whether you are offering constructive criticism, giving direction, or asking for help. It's important to think about what you want to say and how your tone of voice and body language play a role in how your message is conveyed.
2. Encourage feedback and listen. Being the boss doesn't mean you don't have anything to gain from your employees. Encourage them to voice their thoughts and opinions. You may not always be able to accommodate everything they say, but taking the time to hear your team members’ thoughts and ideas allows them to feel valued. It can also enhance your understanding of their actions, setting the stage for improved interaction in the future.

3. Set regular one-on-ones. Meeting with your employees on a regular basis helps to not only set them up for success but also your business. Find out how they feel about their position and what they want out of their job. Doing this will help ensure that your employees are always working towards a goal, which in turn means your business is continuously making strides.

4. Show your appreciation. Though you may be a respectful and easy-to-work-with boss, it never hurts to say thank you. Whether you have just wrapped up a meeting or finished discussing their thoughts or concerns, the gesture shows your employees that you value their input and their time.

Poor communication in the office can be harmful to employee relationships as well as the growth and success of a business. Taking the time to hear your coworkers and understand how they work and what motivates them is a great way to improve employee satisfaction and productivity in the office.

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