Thursday, January 16, 2014

What Motivates a Customer to Buy?

What motivates a customer to buy from one company and not another? Do you know why your customers buy from you? If not, here are some motivating factors they consider when choosing a company to do business with. 

Convenience: This can be provided in a number of ways, such as the hours you're open, your method of delivery, a user-friendly website, and/or your physical location. If you make the buying experience convenient for your customers, then they're more likely to pay a premium for your service or product. 

Best Value for the Price: Everyone is watching their pennies these days, so price does matter. Prospective customers will most often seek out the best product or service if the price is right. In addition, if they perceive the benefits being offered by two competitors to be the same, a customer will choose price as the tie breaker.

Personal Attention: Potential customers are more likely to buy if your employees are courteous, helpful and attentive. Make them feel as though they are the most important person in the world.

Ease of Buying: Do you make it easy for customers to buy from you? For instance, is your ordering process user-friendly? If you have a storefront or office, is parking convenient and accessible? When someone calls your business, do they have to go through a maze of prompts before they reach a live person? All of the above will either entice or deter a potential customer from buying your product or service. 

Honesty and Integrity: This is very important to customers who may have had a bad experience with one of your competitors. To ensure "peace of mind", make it be known to your customers that you're BBB Accredited by using our logo in your advertising and marketing materials.

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