Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Cream of the Crop

With roughly 2 million college graduates expected for the 2013-2014 school year, there will be plenty of employees to go around. But with the shadows cast by the larger firms and corporations, it creates an uphill battle when trying to promote the great job opportunities in small business.

How can you compete with these business giants for the best employees?

First and foremost, you must stand out from your competitors in both your specific industry and the business industry as a whole. You can use these tips as a guide for attracting your desired graduates.

Job Boards. Using sites such as Indeed, Monster and even Craigslist. "These are one of the most effective ways to find fresh grads. To charm the right ones, write engaging ads. Think what specifically will excite these applicants most, and highlight that," explains Tom Gimbel.

Social Media. While many businesses are comfortably using various social media as a way to promote their products or services, it can be just as powerful of a tool when finding future employees. With a combination of sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn you can create a one stop shop for possible employees. With experience, hobbies, lifestyle and even personality highlighted it can be an easy way to pursue the best candidates for employment.

Initiate the Contact. Graduates are often intimidated with the prospect of meeting and interviewing with so many employers. But by initiating contact with alumni networks and college career centers, you can begin the process of meeting potential employees earlier in their careers as interns, volunteers, and mentees. These more informal meetings allow for the creation of bonds and for their potential assessment in a much more laid back environment.

Secondly, looking to fill an open position is a two-way street. Often employers are under the impression that after posting a job, they should sit back and wait to be impressed. But to attract the best employees, you should be trying equally as hard to promote yourself. Using these tips will give you an edge when selling your company to potential employees.

Size. Depending on the size of the company many new hires often sit levels below the decision makers. By highlighting their opportunity to connect directly with leadership teams and owners in small business, it can create a great selling point for your position.

Growth. While it is common to ask potential employees where they see themselves in five years, showcasing your desire for them to take on more responsibility and pursue promotions in the future, creates a common goal.

Rewards. Be realistic the best graduates will cost the most, and many small businesses don't have the budgets to compete with larger ones. This is where you can get creative. Offering products such as an iPad or cell phone depending on the business can often be enough to sway a potential employee.

What are your feelings towards this new generation of employees?

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