Wednesday, November 14, 2012

“Social Care” - A New Phenom

The face of customer service is rapidly changing with the integration of social media.  Customers are no longer contacting businesses through mail or even on the phone. Now, consumers are using public forums like Facebook and Twitter to provide feedback on a product or service.  When customers leave comments, positive or negative, it’s important to put your best customer service foot forward. This is often referred to as, “social care,” a combination of social media and customer service.

Customers have so much power when it comes to social media. When responding, keep in mind your tone and timing.  Be careful when it comes to the tone of your response, as oftentimes consumers can perceive your answers differently than intended.  Timing is key in your response, since customers expect answers in real-time.  Try to respond within one business day and quickly resolve any issues.

When done right, social media is excellent way to improve quality of your customer service.

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