Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Web Hosting, Networking and Growing -- What a July!

In the month of July, the blog focused significantly on resources, tips and tricks for new businesses. As we wrap up the month -- partly in denial, it can’t possibly be August next week -- we’re taking a look back at the topics we covered.

Preparing your Small Business for Growth
Last week, we shared four tips for staying grounded while your business takes-off. Growth is a positive piece of your business’s puzzle and in order to convert it into success, you have to be ready.

Understanding Affordable Web Hosting
Christian Habermann joined us as a Guest Blogger in mid-July to offer guidance for finding affordable web hosting. He discussed factors to consider during a web host search while keeping in mind your business’s needs.

Timeless Success for Small Business
Mid-month we spoke with an owner whose BBB Accredited -- family owned and operated -- business is celebrating their 200th anniversary in 2015. Michael Monahan feels that customers should be top-of-mind at all times and credits their long-time success to caring for their community. Congrats again to Monahan & Co. on your longstanding success!

Master Time Management and Give your Business a Boost
Guest blogger, Adam Koncius of Koncius Digital Marketing brought us suggestions for the business owner doing juggling acts to establish and sustain their business. Adam pointed to time management as the key to streamlining tasks both big and small.

Networking for your New Business
Adam also kicked-off July for the blog with his guest post about the importance of building a strong network. He addressed educating people about your business to create opportunity for securing clientele as well as staying in the forefront of the marketplace.

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