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8 Steps to Building Trust in Your Business


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There’s something reassuring about interacting with a business you have a relationship with – especially if that relationship is built on trust. 

Trust may sound like a “fuzzy” concept.  Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines it as assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something. But knowing the definition is far from what is required to build a meaningful amount of trust with your consumers.

Laying a foundation built on trust is a key aspect in taking care of business.

8 Steps to Build Trust

Do What You Say You Will

This seems like an obvious course of action, but without knowing limitations, priorities and available resources you should not commit to customers just achieve a sale. They will hold you responsible to your word and one failure outweighs countless deliveries.

Track Your Commitments

The quickest way to lose trust is to promise and then not deliver. As a business owner you must keep track of all your commitments. Customers, employees and vendors should all hold the same weight in your eyes. Keeping a list of what you need to accomplish and deliver is a quick and easy way to make sure you keep on track.

Be Authentic

If you are over your head or unsure of the next course of action, do not try to fake your way through it. Humans have an innate ability to notice the struggles and uncertainties in the actions of others. By being truthful about the situation you may be given more leeway with the final deliverable and will definitely not be caught between a rock and a hard place if the struggle becomes too much.

Be Clear and Concise When Communicating

Pay attention to your customer. Are you 100% sure they understood all that you explained to them? If you fail to deliver your message in a way that each person understands, you run the risk of misunderstood agreements and deliverables. By ensuring that you are both on the same page, neither one of you should ever be surprised at any point of the business relationship.

Listen Well

Communication is a two way street, and you may be excited about the chance of a sale or acquiring and new customer but you must make sure you understand their perspective. Make sure you listen to their every concern and desire before you begin formulating your response. You never want to over look any details they provide, because you never know how important that one aspect could be to their end goal.

Credit Others

Most business owners if not all, had some form of help along the way to their success. Make sure to credit for the commitments they have provided you. Could be the quality material supplier you often use all the way to the employee that brainstormed your most sought after service.


If the customer knows how you plan to fulfill your commitment and every step you plan to take, it provides peace of mind throughout the process and can go a long way towards building your relationship.

Exceed Expectations

While you are expected to follow through with the agreed upon work, going the extra mile could be the key factor in repeat business. Anything from listening to their concerns and carefully waking them through a purchase to leaving the job site in better shape than when you arrived.

Using a few of these steps in your everyday business interactions will steadily increase the amount of trust your consumers have in you and your service.

How important is trust to you?


  1. I work for Perfect Supplements, LLC and I can honestly say that being a BBB member has done wonders with consumer trust for our brand. I constantly hear that customers either found us through BBB, or chose to buy from us because of BBB. Great blog post.

    Jamie Buscher
    Perfect Supplements, LLC

    1. Thank you! So glad that you are able to develop relationships built on trust.


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