Friday, February 21, 2014

How to Convince Customers to Review Your Business

Please raise your hand if you've ever struggled getting your customers to provide business reviews.

You constantly hear praises of the best quality work, or the most compassionate service around. While these compliments make you beam with joy, it would be nice to share these stories of satisfaction with potential customers.

With the majority of your efforts dedicated to the business, current customers and your desire to not be perceived as a nuisance, getting these reviews published seems a daunting task.

Well, there’s good news: Asking for consumers to publish reviews doesn't have to be overwhelming. With the right attitude and avenues at your disposal, you can easily make the most of your customer’s great experiences – all without coming across as pushy or dedicating more time than required.

When we’re done you’ll know exactly how to approach your customers and multiple ways to suggest they review your business. Ready? Let’s get started.

Key Steps in the Customer Review Process


Before you jump right into your pursuit of customer reviews, you need to identify happy and unhappy clients.  While your goal might only be to highlight your achievements in business, it is necessary to understand what some of your customers perceive as your short comings.

Keep in mind that you cannot satisfy all customers, but understanding both sides of the coin gives you an edge in satisfying future customers.

See, nothing fancy going on here. By identifying both types of your customers, you can focus on those who will provide you with the best chance for a business review.


After you've identified your different customers, the next step might seem simple and straight forward. Ask for one.

Often the thought of providing a business review never crosses a customer’s mind, even if they had a great experience. By asking that they provide you with a quick review or rating, it creates a connection that they would not otherwise achieve. If they agree to provide your business with a review politely thank them, and show how much it means to your business.

Not everyone who agrees will necessarily run right home and submit your review. Do not get frustrated. Wait a few weeks before pleasantly reminding them about their experience, and if you are able to jog their memory with examples of your work or their exclamations of satisfaction. It can make the whole process much smoother. 

Provide Support

Next up, is your ability to provide support during the review process. You must be knowledgeable of the popular websites and their review processes. Often times even the most minimal hiccup can cause a potential review to be abandoned.

By anticipating the steps of each review process that could potentially hinder a review and proactively giving advice, your customers will be more likely to compete the process.


Last, but certainly not least, you want to provide the proper links and documents for the reviews you desire.

Having a quick pamphlet handy or an email ready listing the correct pages and steps to follow makes the chance of them getting off track during the process very slim.

Now you’re ready to approach customers about potential business reviews. And you know what the best part is? Next time, it won’t feel quite as daunting. 

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