Thursday, August 15, 2013

National Grid Utility Scam Targets Businesses

National Grid is warning consumers about a utility bill payment scam. Scammers are calling National Grid customers and claiming to be a official representatives. They have been calling businesses in the Rhode Island area and claiming that the businesses have a past due account balance. The scammers threaten to turn off the business' utilities if immediate payment over the phone is not received. 

National Grid warns customers that they do call about past due balances, but they do not demand immediate payment over the phone. 

Customers should contact National Grid if they believe they have been contacted under fraudulent circumstances or if they believe they have been victim to this scam.

If you are contacted by an alleged National Grid representative, BBB advises you to end the conversation and contact National Grid. This way, customers will know who they’re contacting and can inquire about any outstanding bills.

As always, never give out personal or banking information to unfamiliar people. For more information, visit,

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